Two Apples Story

Hello you!

This is how we made the two apples drink for little humans and big humans 🙂

Once upon a time in the Beautiful Apples Valley, there were two friends, Total Genie and The Great Ape. They were full of life and funny ideas. They used to go out for walks and enjoy intellectual conversations. They used to play and joke around. They were very close to each other, they were close like no other, they were close like two lips, they were close like two hips, they were close like two twins, they were close like 1 & 2 in digits, they were close as A to B in alphabets, they were one another’s apple of the eye, they were on a different planet, They were on planet apple in fact they were like two Apples, One Red, One Green. They were literally two Apples in Dapple – The Double Apple Drink..

One bright beautiful day, the Great Ape was lying in the hammock, plucking a big red beautiful rose and mumbling, she loves me, she loves me not, who knows what goes in his Ape size head and Total Genie was hanging on the Apple tree.. starring at his friend…wondering, what in the universe is going on?! Total Genie throws down a Red Apple at him, Apple hits the Great Ape on his head but no reaction except an ape size arm movement. Total Genie throws a Green Apple at him, Apple hits the Great Ape’s head again and he wonders, why, the apples are falling from the tree. The Great Ape had never thought this before, why apples fall down from the trees, hmm maybe because apples never hit on his ape size head. The Great Ape still stays unaware and says Apples fall from trees because of Gravity. Now we all remember Newton’s law of universal gravitation… Don’t we?

Total Genie throws a third Apple, only this time it was a Big Beautiful Golden Apple… Yum, this time the Great Ape sits up and looks up at the trees, he spots TG hiding in the tree and gives him a strong blue steel stare.. Total Genie says to The Great Ape with a cheeky smile on his smiley face… what you doing? why don’t you do something?

The Great Ape replies, do what, play with Apples?! I am tired of eating Apples.

Total Genie says, I mean too.. why don’t you make me Juice from the Apples.. I’m thirstyyyyy.

The Great Ape gets up, collects the Apples and as he walks to his DIY cottage, he says to Total Genie.. I will make you something better than Apple Juice.

In the DIY cottage, the Great Ape makes Apple Juice from the different flavour Apples, he mixes the Apple Juice with Carbonated Water, Acid (Malic Acid), Natural Flavouring, Colour (Caramel).  he heat treats all ingredients at just about the right temperature and he creates a Strong Golden Colour Drink, he was tempted to drink it all but he wanted to drink with his friend. So he bottles the liquid drink and cools it down, makes it chilled and goes back to share the drink with Total Genie, his friend.

Total Genie and The Great Ape try the drink for the first time and they were amazed..! It was yum yumm yummyyyyyy.. TG drinks it all and asks The Great Ape, how did you make it, TELL.ME.EVERYTHING.

The Great Ape explains the process, he mixed the Apple Juice with Carbonated Water, Acid (Malic Acid) to preserve the drink, Natural Flavouring to enhance the flavour, Colour (Caramel) to make it look beautiful. He heat treated all ingredients at just about the right temperature and he created a Strong Golden Colour Drink.

Most Important and take note, I DID NOT ADD ANY SUGARS 🙂

Total Genie says, wow, it tastes as i am eating two apples at once. Marvellous! Maybe we can name it two apples? wait a minute noo, doesn’t sound right. oh wait, how about Double Apple?

The Great Ape says, hmm Double Apple then

Total Genie says, errmmm maybe it’s too long. Maybe we can just mix the two words together like you mixed the two apples hehe..

The Great Ape says, DAPPLE

Total Genie says, mmm…. impressive! DAPPLE – THE DOUBLE APPLE DRINK